SASE Museum of Science Scavenger Hunt

Society of Asian Scientist and Engineers(SASE) is where it was at this Friday! Taking advantage of College Night at The Museum of Science, SASE hosted a scavenger hunt at the Museum of Science!

The theme was Jurassic World this year. In respects to that as teams of four scavenged the museum, while SASE volunteers acting as Velociraptor went around tagging(biting) people. Once tagged the team must find a scientist. Scientist walked around each floor and healed teams as they were bitten. Each visit gave the team two letters to a puzzle they had to solve in order to end the game.

Even if you missed it this year there is always next year! Every year SASE hosts a scavenger hunt at the Museum of Science on the night of College Night. Also every year there are always improvements made to the scavenger hunt based on feedback from the previous participants and volunteers. So be sure to go next year!

Will Guo


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